Anne-Hélène & Bernard Cavasa

Anne-Hélène Cavasa:
Anne-Hélène studied as a young ballet, jazz, Modern’jazz, Contemporary… He discovers the swing dance at the end of 1997 and this is the beginning of a new passion.
He started teaching already in 2001 in regular courses and is quickly called in the main international internships, in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Bernard Cavasa:
Bernard Cavasa is a passionate musician of American musical culture jazz and blues.
He participates as a dancer at many of the most important stage and Swing festivals around the world as a student and then from 2001 as a teacher

Anne-Hélène and Bernard founded the Studio Hop, the School of Swing dances based in Toulouse (FR) and together they created their first dance company partecipating in numerous exhibitions and competitions

Currently Anne-Hélène and Bernard are the only European couple to have won the famous American championship of Balboa “American Classic Balboa Championship”.