The Event

Catania hosts the Sicily Dance Camp and brings to Sicily the very best of the International Swing scene. Many guests expected for this edition and the European community of Swing is thrilled to the idea of spending four days surrounded by the Sicilian culture to the tune of the American music and the dance from the ’30s and the ‘40s.

Program and the workshop

Many live concerts and parties but also many training sessions. Sicily Dance camp will also give the chance of taking a dance workshop: various classes will be held not only for the experienced dancers but also for those who start being keen on this discipline.

Culture and fun

Sicily Dance Camp is a unique event that merges together the music and the Jazz dance within a context which is deeply vintage.

Sicily Dance Camp is an appointment where the energy coming from different cultures and generations meet together and share this timeless long weekend experience surrounded by the unique background of Catania.

Lindy hop, Balboa, Blues, Solo Jazz Courses

Live Bands

Dj set

Enzo Mercuri

Enzo Mercuri

Direttore artistico e Produttore

Enzo Mercuri is a filmmaker, dance teacher and event organizer. He studies Cinema at the university of Turin and works in this field in Rome for 4 years, directing and producing films, short films, videoclips and documentaries.

He currently lives in Catania, where he has been  directing the first school of Argentine Tango -Omertango- for more than 15 years. His passion for jazz music from the 30s to 50s leads Enzo to the discovery of Lindy Hop. In 2012 he starts teaching Lindy Hop and organizing Swing events. In the same year he founds the association Swango Ballroom ASD and since then, supported by the Sicily in Swing team, he organizes courses, workshops and swing events in Sicily.